Allkey4u respects your personal information and guarantees to comply with applicable law in the field of personal data protection.

In order to process transactions correctly, we are obliged to provide you with certain information. Allkey4u deals with the information you provide and will only use this information for the correct operation of transactions (orders or information). The data will not be provided to third parties.

The information provided by you, which is available through public databases is treated as confidential by Allkey4u and will be stored in accordance with the law on the protection of personal data.
The information you provide in, for example, an account created by you makes the use of our website simpler and more efficient for you. For example, you can consult your order history and no longer need to enter all your contact information for a subsequent order. Allkey4u can therefore process your order quickly and appropriately.

We use the information you provide for the following purposes:

  • To process all your orders or questions appropriately
  • To prevent fraudulent transactions
  • To adapt the website and shop to the needs of the visitors and to provide better services
  • For statistical purposes
  • For analysis and reporting
  • To be able to contact if there are any questions or concerns about your order or information request.

Your data will be deleted if they no longer apply to the above-mentioned purposes, unless the storage is required to comply with relevant or applicable legislation.
You can change your personal information at any time if they have changed or become incorrect. Through your account you can always use your personal data and you are entitled to customize it yourself or you may require that the Allkey4u information be modified or deleted.

Allkey4u gives you access to your own information as far as it relates to your account and order processing.

If you do not have any interest in our newsletter or e-mail with offers then you can simply unsubscribe from the unsubscribe link contained in both the newsletter and Allkey4u sent emails.

Upon investigation of any illegal activities Allkey4u will only consent to requests from the police and government to provide your usage data or your actions during the use of the Allkey4u website and shop.

Allkey4u uses Cookies  to optimize your website experience and usage. You may choose not to accept the notification you receive about it during the visit to the Allkey4u  website. However, this may prevent you from using certain parts of the Allkey4u website and shop. Cookies are also used for the Analytics Analytics tool. This tool gives us insight into, for example, the number of visitors for a certain period of time and the pages on our site they visit and helps us improve our website where necessary.

Data transmission over the Internet is unfortunately never completely safe, but we try to protect your personal data and prevent your data from being held by third parties. Despite our efforts in this area, we can not guarantee the security of the data you send to our site 100%. Each transfer is therefore at your own risk.

* Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer by websites you visit. They are often used to make websites more efficient, as well as to provide information to the site owners.